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Youth Education Through Motorsports
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The Motivator has been designed to help young people realize that they're currently in the most unique part of their entire lives. They have the opportunity to feast at the buffet of education for twelve years, and it's all free! There are only three free things in life. When you're a baby, you'll be fed and changed for free without you having to do a thing. At the other end of life, you won't have to pay for your final ride to the cemetery. The greatest free ride of all, though, is when you go to school where you can gather up all this information for free that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life. School isn't something that you should do because your parents want you to, it's actually one of the greatest opportunities you'll ever have in life, and someone else is paying for it! We hope that, armed with this information, they'll develop a different outlook on why they're spending time going to school.

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Youth Education Through Motorsports and The Motivator
Sandman Motorsports has been in existence for twenty-three years now, and over that period, we've worked to raise the interest of young folks. Their eyes are open wide, and they're amazed to see these unique vehicles, what they do, and how they're built. I've found it disturbing that in today's world, there is no longer any youth participation in building and in craftsmanship. I'm from the old school where we used to build a lot of our own toys and craftsmanship was an important part of life. If we wanted to be consumers, we had to produce what we wanted to consume. Young people today are consumers, too, but they seldom, if ever, have the opportunity to experience where the items they use and play with come from and how they're built.
Youth Education
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Since we have all of this equipment at our disposal, we've found that we can bring kids in here, give them a tour, show them what we do, and how we do it. We teach them that our two-wheel drive pulling truck, "The Motivator", represents their position in the world of youth education, and help them understand that school is far more than just a place you've got to go and spend some time. We encourage them to look at school as a buffet of knowledge that they'll be able to use the rest of their lives. At Sandman Motorsports we engineer and build parts in-house, and even though I'm not formally educated in these fields, intense desire and drive have provided the opportunity to make these things happen.
Youth Education
Youth Education
Henry J Motorsports
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